Vinyl Easy Apply Kit


The Tatlow Signs Easy Apply Kit is perfect for all your DIY Vinyl application needs.

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A modern kit, perfect for the DIYer, that contains everything you need to successfully apply your Vinyl.

The kit contains 1x double ended spreader, 1x scissors, 1x expandable towel, 1x tape roll and 3x alcohol wipes.


For Vinyl application tips, get in touch with us on social media! Find us @TatlowSigns on Facebook and Instagram.

With simple peel and stick application you can instantly transform any hard surface – furniture, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, pretty much any flat dry surface you can think of!

Instructions For Use:

1. Vinyl can be placed on any smooth clean and dry surface. Before covering, you must clean your surface with mild soap and water to ensure it is free from dirt. For best results, we recommend the alcohol wipes in our ‘Vinyl Easy Fit Kit’ to remove all dirt, dust and grease.

2. Measure the surface to cover. Cut the Vinyl into the desired size, leaving about 5cm extra overlap on all edges.

3. Peel off the backing paper evenly with one hand whilst smoothing the film to the surface from the centre to edges. For the best even finish, we recommend smoothing using the squeegee in our Easy Apply Kit.

4. Any creases and air bubbles can be removed by applying light pressure from the centre to the edges. Stubborn bubbles can be removed by using a simple pin to pop the bubble and then press the air out.


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